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Dr. Jens Jerndal is uniquely qualified to guide corporations and leaders of all kinds through the momentous changes brought on by the currently occurring great Paradigm Shift.

The fast emerging new super-paradigm deeply afffects every person, corporation and institution in countless ways very few are aware of and even fewer understand.

Dr. Jens' research has led to the discovery of the grand evolutionary pattern behind this shift that is inexorably transforming all aspects of our society: politics, economy, education, medicine, leisure, relationships, religion, art, and everything else. By identifying and understanding this pattern it is possible to project the general direction the future evolution will take in any area. This skill or insight can make it or break it for any leader, professional or corporation who wants a future.

Dr. Jens lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but is available for keynote speeches and seminars, as well as counselling engagements, anywhere in the world.


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Some Previous Occupations & Experiences:

Business Experience:

Professional Career in Holistic Medicine:

Travelled to 76 countries on the six continents. Lectured in 23 countries in English, Swedish, Spanish and French.


Articles on different subjects in various newspapers, magazines, professional journals and newsletters, since 1954.

Appeared on TV or radio shows in Sweden, Spain, the USA, Thailand, Hong Kong and South Africa

Featured in Newspapers or Magazines in Sweden, UK, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

Languages: Trilingual in English, Swedish and Spanish. Reasonably fluent in French, German and Danish. Rudimentary acquaintance with Latin, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Bahasa Indonesia (Malay).


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