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This is a scary time for Humanity. Change is upon us all too fast. It presents us with challenges never before experienced by mankind that affect mind and body and every aspect of our day-to-day life.

Understanding what drives these changes, and where they are leading, is crucial for your success, and even for your survival.

The book PARADIGM PULSE - SENSING THE SURGE OF CHANGE by Dr. Jens Jerndal is the knowledgeable and insightful guide you need to cope with current and future challenges. It helps you see and understand what is happening, why it´s happening, and where it´s leading. But above all it gives you the upper hand of privileged knowledge that enables you to not only understand, but take advantage of the challenging circumstances you will be facing during the shift to a new paradigm that we are in the middle of right now.

A Dynamic Holistic Overview

Dr. Jerndal´s specialty is the dynamic holistic overview, both in space and time, necessary to achieve functional understanding, coordination and integration in any economical, political, social, scientific, or cultural situation or process, and to appreciate its future potential and direction.

Everybody needs these insights but corporations and businesses that wish to continue operating in the times ahead, need them more than anyone else.

The book PARADIGM PULSE will open your eyes to the dramatic tug of war that is going on right now between the ingrained materialistic forces and an emerging holistic consciousness. This battle is set to change every aspect of life on our planet.

PARADIGM PULSE explains how a new super-paradigm is shaping our daily lives, our economy, our politics, our science, our medicine, our energy, our communications, our media, our leisure, our relationships, our sexuality, our culture, our education, our arts, our spirituality, our sports; in short, every aspect of our existence, and how it will affect your future.

Praise for Paradigm Pulse

So what have other readers said about this book? - Here are a few examples:

"As an Aquarian, Global Thinker and Activist I share Dr. Jerndal's vision of the future. PARADIGM PULSE – SENSING THE SURGE OF CHANGE is a bold outline of the changes our world is going through and a profound resource to understand the implications of the fast-paced social changes that are effecting people's lives everywhere. We are in an exciting moment of history and this book is is a must-read for all who are interested in their future."

John W. McDonald, U.S. Ambassador, ret. Chairman and CEO Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy Arlington, Virginia, USA www/imtd.org

"PARADIGM PULSE – SENSING THE SURGE OF CHANGE is a comprehensive overview of the Aquarian paradigm and its implications for the transformation of consciousness and world-systems that is already bubbling beneath the surface. The author is well aware of the key factors maintaining the status quo and the agenda for world control and domination, but sees beyond this grim prospect to an emerging grassroots revolution based on a holistic understanding of life. An essential handbook. – I am very impressed –"

David Lorimer, Programme Director, Scientific and Medical Network, UK Editor of The Spirit of Science, Thinking Beyond the Brain, Author of Radical Prince

"This major work is a fascinating take on the coming of the Aquarian Age and a must read for anyone interested in readying themselves for the true and lasting (for over 2000 years!) reality change that is only a couple of years away now. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Dr. Dawne Kovan, Author, Psychotherapist and Astrologer, UK

"Your books enthrall me. I showed your website to my grandchildren in order that they trust in the Future."

Pierette Amann, France

"Jens Jerndal is a veritable apostle of the Aquarian Paradigm. Whether we agree with his basic premise -- that the new paradigm already breaking upon us, is an Aquarian paradigm -- it is clear that he makes a lot of sense. His book PARADIGM PULSE covers practically all the essential points of the paradigm shift before us and provides orientation for promoting it. It is up to the reader to agree with him or not, and to follow him or to find his or her own way. In either case, reading his book is a challenge to conventional wisdom well worth our while."

Ervin Laszlo Ph.D., Italy
Founder of the Club of Budapest and of the World Wisdom Council
Head of the General Evolution Research Group, member of the International Academy of Science, of the World Academy of Arts and Science, and of the International Academy of Philosophy. Former president of the International Society for Systems Sciences.
Author of 83 books, among them:
Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything,
Quantum Shift in the Global Brain,
The Systems View of the World: A Holistic Vision for Our Time

"Paradigm Pulse – Sensing the Surge of Change identifies a radical shift in our shared experience of being alive right now. The ground beneath your feet becomes a carousel of change because your consciousness is changing. Read Paradigm Pulse and be inspired!"

Helen Jandamit, Vipassana Meditation Master, Educator, Mystic Artist, Author and Traditional Healer, Thailand.

Topics of the Book


  • Tidal Waves of Change
  • Information as Commodity
  • Focus on Results
  • Tourism - A positive Globalizing Factor
  • Communication within the Human Body
  • New Paradigm Nutrition
  • Team Sports
  • Entertainment to Death
  • Creating a Peaceful Future
  • The Honourable Scientific Prostitute
  • Medicine Beyond Bio-Tech
  • Dating in Cyberspace
  • The Fear of Love and the Love of Fear
  • Sex and Spirituality
  • Democracy in the Global Village
  • Reforming the Election Process
  • The Dynamics of Collectives
  • The Passion for Improvement and Freedom of Action
  • From Chemistry to Frequencies
  • UFOs and Gravity Control
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